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Its been a terribly long time since I've said anything on this little device, isn't it? Nearly forgot I had one, for a moment there. But the first two weeks of school have been awfully busy, and of course there's all those unpleasant incidents that have been happening - Barnabas Cuffe has been owling me near-constantly for my thoughts on the matter - and I'm afraid things simply haven't settled until now.

At least, with all this bad news, dear Gwenog Jones hasn't been too inconsolable. Usually she's quite aggressive upset after losses, especially ones as important as this. It was quite a fantastic game, though, loss or no. Ms. Bell, my congratulations - you were superb.

At least there's a very fine crop of students this year, from the looks of things. I'm enjoying teaching tremendously. And I'm thinking of having a little get-together soon. With so much to worry about, we could all use a bit of levity, I think.

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Well, yesterday was certainly wonderful. Had a fantastic view of the entire Quidditch game, which was very exciting, and I'm happy to say that the Hollyhead Harpies won a fine victory! Gwenog Jones was simply glowing when I congratulated her! I'll be sure to ask her for tickets to all her finals games, too.

And I'm already seeing what a fine little device this "journal" is - I've just spoken with Gilderoy Lockhart for the first time in years! He seems to be coming along far quicker than I imagined at first. I suspect he'll be remembering old Professor Slughorn any day now, or at least I should hope. Popping in for a quick visit to him might help things along. (And he has pudding!)

A hearty congratulations to Gwenog, Gracelyn Stuart, Melissa Hatcher, and the rest!

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My, time does fly! I've just been out at the Ministry, acquiring one of these fascinating little devices and chatting with some old students of mine. And before I know it, it's well into the evening! Well, I'll be using this new "journal" of mine for such things before long, I'm sure. Incredibly useful little thing. Makes my job so much easier, indeed.
Thank goodness for the Ministry, and for how they've secured Hogwarts, too. Makes me feel so much better about the upcoming term.
And now that I've broken my new quill in: hello! Has anyone come and looked me up? I have so many people to put myself back in touch with...
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